booking, payment and cancellations:


 how to book a trip ?

1.just contact me +491776712050 via call or whats app ect:

2. tell me your name, your place of stay and if possible a european mobile nr. and finally tell me in wich trip you are interested to join ! 

thats it :)




1. to confirm the 1 or 2 day trip, i need a deposit of 50€ from each person via transfer to my bank account, paypal or in cash, i need also the costs for the night stays if the trip is more then 2 days , in that case i will let you know that while booking.

2. after contacting me, i will provide all payment infos to you.

3. after recieving the amount and after the minimum of required tripmembers are present, i will confirm the trip to each person via call, whats app or email

thats it :)



1. the nr of required tripmembers for my group packages is 6-7 persons !

2. if we cannot get the nr of required tripmembers 1 day before the trip starts, then i will cancell the trip and i will transfer your deposit back to you ! herefor of course i will inform each person before !

3. if YOU cannot join the trip anymore after you paid the deposit, and if WE cannot find another person that is replacing you, then your deposit is not refundable !

4. but if we find someone who is replacing you, of course your deposit is safe and i will transfer it back to you !




if you have any qeustions just contact me:

bookings and informations:
mobile and whats app:
mr. Bashir
+49 (0)177 67 12 050 (o2 mobile)
facebook: #tripfactorybashir