special 7 day europe trip

Germany Austria Liechtenstein & Switzerland trip



Main Places:

Day 1 

Welcome Day

( Total attr. fees approx. 15 euro p.p. )

1. Start from Munich HBF 12pm

2. Visit Neuschwanstein Castle and Alpsee (Germany) from 2pm untill 4pm

3. Visit surprise place (Austria) from 4:30pmuntill 6:30pm

4. Check in accomondation in Austria/Germany between 8-9pm


Day 2 

4 Countrys in 1 day Start 9am

( Total attr. fees approx. 20 euro p.p.)

1. Visit Breitachklamm (Germany) from 10am untill 12pm additional Lunch till 1pm

2. Visit Bregenz Mt Pfänder Austria from 2pm untill 3:30pm

3. Visit Nature Viewpoint and Coffee break in Liechtenstein from 5pm till 6pm

4. Check in Accomondation swizz 7-8 pm


Day 3

Swizz mountain experiences with several stops and places from 9 am till 7pm

Total attr. fees approx 15 euro p.p. ) 

1. Swizz panorama road Klausenpass  

2. Swizz panorama-James Bond road Furka pass

4. Swizz panorama road Grimselpass

5. Check in main accomondation in swizz 


Day 4

swizz canyon experiences (walk 2-3km)

( Total attr. fees approx 27 euro p.p. ) 

1. Visit Aarecanyon 

2. Visit Glacier Canyon Rosenlaui

3. Visit Reichenbachfall ( Sherlock Holmes)

4. Free time

5. Back to the same accomondation


Day 5

Interlaken Day 

( Total attr. fees approx 50 euro p.p. ) 

1. Visit lake Interlaken 1 ( Brienzer See )

2. Visit Harder Kulm Furnicolar Train 

3. Visit Beatus Caves 

4. Visit lake Interlaken 2 ( Thuner See )

5. Visit Interlaken City and Monument of Yash Chopra

6. Back to the same accomondation


Day 6

Jungfrau Region

( Total Attr. fees approx 10 euro p.p. )

1. Visit Trümmelbachfall

2. Visit valley of 99 Waterfalls Lauterbrunnen

3. Free Time 

4. Back to the same accomondation


Day 7 

1. Visit Engelberg Valley 

2. Visit Trübsee

3. Visit Cliff Walk

4. Visit Glacier Cave 

5. Snow Games 


- End of Trip-

Back in Stuttgart around 9-10 pm





Mr Bashir professional services daily charge is 650 euro

7 days = 4550 euro

BUT you will get 1 day for free in a 7 days roadtrip:


Mr Bashirs professional services for a 7 day roadtrip: 3900 euro 

The costs of Mr Bashirs professional services will be divided and shared through each single tripmember.

The max. nr of persons i can take in my premium cars is 7

so the cheapest price per person will be approx 550 euro

Mr Bashirs professional services includes:
All plannings and organizations

Pick up & drop service

All transfers (car)

Video and photo shootings

New comfortable premium van

Unique privacy

Passenger insurance (car)

Security (expertise)

First aid (expertise)

Lifetime memorys

Guidance and entertainment throughout the entire trip


What is not included ?

Acommondation ( nightstays)

Attraction fees and entry tickets 

Food and drinks


Additional costs:

 Attraction fees per adult person:  approx. 260 euro per adult person

( will be paid at the attraction in cash card or online ticket)


Accommodation Night stay costs per night and per adult person: approx. 50 euro per night,

6 nights will be approx 300 euro per adult person

( will be paid in advance with cash, card or online transfer, final prices I will let you know before booking/confirmation, of course I am looking always for the best and the cheapest option for you but the accomondation should be a attraction :) ) 



 Price example for a group of 7 Persons:

Per person in total approx:

Adult: 1111 euro 

 Kids 6-12 years 999 euro

Kids 0-5 years: 549 euro





The Final price depends on wich accomondation we will catch for our purposes. 

Of course my first intention is to get the best apartments with kitchens and the lowest costs per night. 

After finalizing everything i will let you now the final costs.

Food will be not included, we will have & cook our own food in the accomondation with kitchen. Outside food always possible.


Iam trying to make everything transparent and open to you.

Iam ready to answer you all of your qeustions and in case your doubts as well. 

Iam ready to give you a quick confirmation after agreeing to the iternary plan and my offer.


It will be a pleasure from my side to give you an unforgettable lifetime experience while travelling, roaming and exploring the beauty of Europe.


Please excuse (if) any mistakes from myside in this offer. 

Contact mobile and whats app:



Mr. Ch. Omar  Bashir
+49 (0)177 67 12 050 (o2 mobile)